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Ramcon Juicer

This high-quality Juicer is top-grade for citrus fruits, it is efficient and basic to use, and it can be used for a wide variety of fruits. The Juicer also includes a green enamel manual lever Juicer citrus countertop press, this Juicer is a valuable addition to your kitchen.

Ramcon Juicer Walmart

This is a peerless Juicer that renders a full chrome manual lever juicer, the Juicer presents a small amount of river water in it and so it is able to juicier fruits and vegetables. The Juicer also grants a kitchen bar decor of design and it is able to press the fruits and vegetables that are on the top, this powerful and facile to handle Juicer is exceptional for fruits and vegetables. The Juicer renders a horizontal beater and a vertical extractor, the horizontal beater pulls the fruit and vegetables down into the beater while the vertical extractor pushes them up. The Juicer also grants aoji-matrix technology which ensures even extraction of the juice, this vintage-era Juicer is a delicious, easy-to-use tool for cooking things up in the kitchen. The Juicer is equipped with a manual lever, making it unequaled for fruits and vegetables, additionally, the Juicer features a beautiful chrome manual lever Juicer cup. If you're scouring to juice up your kitchenette, Juicer orange chrome manual lever Juicer citrus press fruit is the Juicer for you! This powerful and easy-to-use Juicer is a top addition to your kitchen, the Juicer can juice up to four vegetables at a time, which is plenty for typical kitchens. The Juicer also presents a beautiful vintage look to it, this Juicer also does a sensational job in juicing strawberries, grapefruit, and other fruit.